Wednesday, October 16, 2019    (EST)

8A to 3P             Breakfast, Lunch and CME included

Presentations and Podcasts


– 8:00-8:10     Mike Weinstock, MD

Introductions & Welcome 

– 8:10-8:20     Ed Onusko, MD – DIO Adena GME

Why Excellence in education is important to Adena and our patients


– 8:20-8:25     Christina Wika, DO – Adena EM resident

My most and least favorite lectures during residency – how do I learn best?


– 8:25-8:35    Scott Weingart, MD

Types of learning:  from live presentations to audio podcasts


– 8:35-8:45     Mike Pallaci, DO

Excellence in presentations: from resident didactics to the national stage and back again


– 8:45-8:55     Mizuho Spangler Morrison, DO

How is a podcast different than a live lecture?

– 8:55-9:10     Andy Little, DO, Drew Kalnow, DO, Rob Orman, MD

Podcast #1 – EM over easy Andy Little and Drew Kalnow interview Rob Orman


– 9:10-9:25     Anand Swaminathan, MD and Miz Morrison, DO

How to make your PowerPoint presentation POP!

– 9:25-9:45     ALL

Question and answer 

BREAK  9:45 A – 10A

Presentations, Podcasts and Productions: Virtual Session



– 10:00-10:05     Michael Weinstock, MD

Introduction & Welcome to *Live stream* (VIRTUAL CME Activity Code Released)


– 10:05-10:15     Mizuho Morrison, DO

Anatomy of a presentation: how to see the big picture


– 10:15-10:30     Scott Weingart, MD

Boots on the ground: the 12 steps to recovering from bad presentations

– 10:30-10:35     Deb Rogers, DO (Adena Senior EM Resident)

1st resident presentation competition:  Can continuous capnography save lives?


– 10:35-10:40     
Presentation commentary from Morrison, Orman, Pallaci, Swami, Weingart & V
irtual Faculty

Presentation competition – Commentary and judging


– 10:40-10:50     Robert Orman, MD and Anand Saminathan, MD

Let me into your car! How to make your podcast POP!


– 10:50-10:55     Jeff Riddell, MD

What's new in podcast research?


– 10:55-11:05     Michael Weinstock, MD, Moderator
Podcast panel discussion: Morrison, Orman, Pallaci, Swami, Weingart + Jhun*, Rezaie*, Riddell, and Shoenberger *


– 11:05-11:15     Scott Weingart, MD and Mike Pallaci, DO (Adena PD) 

 Podcast #2 :  How should intubation be taught in residency?

– 11:15-11:20     Jan Shoenberger, MD 

Behind the scenes at EM RAP with EM RAP 

– 11:20-11:30     Rob Orman, MD and Heath Jolliff, DO (Adena Core Faculty)

Podcast #3 – Secrets of EM toxicology


– 11:30-11:35     Paul Jhun, MD EEM – Production of Essentials of Emergency Medicine (EEM)

From presentations to productions: Who is invited? Should there be a theme?

– 11:35-11:40     Salim Rezaie, MD REBEL EM  – REBEL EM and Production of Rebellion in EM

Home runs and fails from producing my first 'Rebellion in EM' conference

– 11:40-11:45     Natalie Elder (The Ohio State University)

2nd Resident Presentation Competition: ​Three things geriatricians know that EM physicians don't

– 11:45-11:50     

Presentation commentary from Morrison, Orman, Pallaci, Swami, Weingart + Virtual Faculty

Presentation competition – Commentary and judging

– 11:50-11:55     Anand Swaminathan, MD

Bringing it home at the end of a lecture: reinforcing your teaching points

– 11:55-12:00     Expert panel:  tips and tricks


12:00 - 12:15     Meet and Greet Speaker: Morrison, Orman, Pallaci, Swami, Weingart, Weinstock

12:00 - 12:45     Lunch Break

12:15 - 12:45     Faculty Lunch:  Huntington Room


Presentations, Podcasts and Productions: The Afternoon Sessions

– 12:45-3:00 

– 12:45-12:50     Michael Weinstock, MD

Welcome back 

– 12:50-12:55     Mark Ramzy (Drexel University)

3rd resident presentation competition:  Double Defibrillation: Where’s That On The ACLS Algorithm?

– 12:55-1:00

Presentation commentary from Morrison, Orman, Pallaci, Swami, Weingart  + Virtual Faculty

Presentation competition – Commentary and judging

– 1:00-1:10     Anand Swaminathan, MD

Providing color to a podcast: editing and augmenting a segment

– 1:10-1:25     Anand Swaminathan, MD and Brad Goldman, MD

Podcast #4 – Stump the expert  – Brad Goldman, MD (Adena core faculty) presents case to Swami

– 1:25-1:35

Research – Investigators present original research 

  1. Weinstock, Pallaci, Aluisio, Riddell, Orman, et al – Impact of Interpolated questions in podcast educational media on knowledge acquisition and retention in emergency medicine post-graduate medical trainees: A Double-Blind, Multicenter, Randomized Controlled Trial

  2. See, Aluisio, Pallaci, Weinstock, Riddell, Menchine, Beck-Esmay, et al – Assessing gender bias in emergency medicine faculty procedural evaluations: A double blind, randomized, multi-center study

  3. Pallaci, Aluisio, Weinstock, Riddell, See et al – A Novel Method for Blinding Reviewers to Gender of Proceduralists for the Purposes of Gender Bias Research

– 1:35-1:40     Christine Ju (St. Joseph's University Medical Center)

4th resident presentation competition: All about anaphylaxis.

– 1:40-1:45      Presentation commentary from Morrison, Orman, Pallaci, Swami, Weingart 

Presentation competition – Commentary and judging

– 1:45-1:50     Laura Roper (Crozer-Chester Medical Center)

5th resident presentation competition: The Poor Man's Methadone

– 1:50-1:55      Presentation commentary from Morrison, Orman, Pallaci, Swami, Weingart 

Presentation competition – Commentary and judging

– 1:55-2:15     Anand Swaminathan, MD and Scott Weingart, MD

Achieving excellence in residency didactics  (includes 5 minutes Q&A)

– 2:15-2:30     Hosts Miz Morrison and Mike Weinstock - UC RAP

Podcast #5 – Excellence in physical exam series with EM resident 

– 2:30-2:35      Who's Got Talent Resident Competition Awards 

Presentation competition awards $cash$ and $prizes$

– 2:35-2:45     Morrison, Orman,  Pallaci, Swami, Weingart

Expert panel Q&A

– 2:45-3:00     Mike Weinstock, MD

Closing remarks and thank you


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